Payday Cash Site Review

Payday Cash Site Review Emergency situations can happen anytime, like hospitalization or having a broken car fixed, and you may turn to a site like Payday Cash Site. It could even be worse if you don’t have enough funds to pay for them. One way to pay for these unexpected expenses is by getting a payday loan. This is a short term loan that needs to be paid on your next payday. If you’re thinking of applying for this type of credit, one of the sites that you can go to is Payday Cash Site.

Payday Cash Site Review – Company Overview

Payday Cash Site is not a lending company. It’s a site that offers a financial matching service. This means that they have a database of lenders, which they match with every client. For instance, if you send in your loan application on the site, they will search their database to find lenders that would be willing to lend you the amount you need. However, any transaction that transpires between you and the lender would be just between the two of you. The site would no longer have anything to do with it.

Site Navigation

The site is straightforward so you would have all the information you need on the homepage, including the option to get cash, as well as important information you need to understand regarding payday loans. This is a plus for the site as it helps prospective borrowers make an informed decision. Some of the information that you would find on this page are risk factors of getting a payday loan, fees, interests, restrictions and availability.

There is also another page that contains detailed information on how payday loans work. This is helpful especially for first time borrowers. It’s also not difficult to find their contact number as it’s posted on the upper right side of the site. Their contact us page offers more options on how to reach them, including e-mail and postal mail. Customer support by phone is available 8:00am to 8:00pm EST (Monday to Friday) and 9:00am to 4:00pm EST (Saturday and Sunday). Pretty extensive compared to other sites.

Online Application

Applying for a payday loan on the site is quick and easy, as long as you have all the needed information prepared, including your personal, employment and bank information. Some loan sites have fewer fields to answer, but even though Payday Cash Site requires more information, it’s still not that much of a hassle, especially if you’ll be matched with the best lending institution. Moreover, these are things that you personally know so you should not have any problems answering them.

You must enter all the information required on the first page of the online form, which is for personal information, before you can move to the next page, which is for your employment information. The same goes with this page. Put the correct information on the required field before moving to the last page, which is for the bank information.

The matching lending company will contact you regarding the loan contract. There’s a part in the online application that asks what time of the day you would like to be contacted. This is convenient as lenders would only call you on your preferred time, which is a great thing since you would not be disturbed from work or other important activities.


As mentioned, Payday Cash Site is not the company that will lend you the money, but it will help you find a lender that will give the amount you need. The amount that you can borrow is between $150 and $1,250, though the site recommends that you only borrow the amount you need so you would not have a hard time with the payment.

Our Recommendation

The requirements for payday loans depend on the lending company. However, these companies usually require that borrowers must at least be 18 years old, have a source of income to repay the debt and has a working phone so they can be contacted. Some lenders perform credit check, while others do not. Since there’s no cost to use the site, you may still complete the online application even if you don’t have a good credit score as you still have the chance to have your payday loan approved. Online application is available 24 hours. If you get approved and you have all the needed documents, you can have the funds on the next business day. Make sure to check on the terms before signing the contract sent by the lender.

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